Situation Vacant

The agency office was a typical drab affair. Brown stained walls plastered in yellowing notices. The chair you are sitting on creaks, and you shift your weight almost expecting it to give way at any second. Others are in the room too, waiting patiently, here for the same reason you are you suppose. Credits. A person cannot afford to be picky as far as work is concerned. And not just people by the looks of it, bipedal animals and even a mutant plant seem to be here for work too, competition is fierce nowadays, but the advert didn’t specify racial types nor numbers wanted.

The door from the inner office opens and a huge brown bear saunters through with the strange shambling gait common to their kind. He is wearing a crumpled shirt with a thin looking bag slung over his shoulders. You could not help but notice that his feet are crammed into Espadrilles. Unsuitable footwear for a bearman really, but this guy was obviously a dandy.

“This is a retrieval job” he growled. “I won’t lie to ya’s, but this is likely dangerous work. Its well off Known land. Over the mountains a ways” He waved a mighty paw in the direction of the distant mountains, the extreme boundary between what passed for civilisation and the trackless expanse of the Badlands beyond.

The bear scanned the room. “The deal is this. The credits go to those of you who come back. Those who sign up equip themselves from the company store. Whatever you spend is deducted from your fee. If you runs I comes after yer.” He grinned at this, giving you a glimpse of yellowed but mighty looking teeth. “I’ll take whoever wants the job. No questions asked, no questioned answered”



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