Boxtopia preamble

It is 150 years since the meteors fell, give or take a decade or so. Huge columns of purple matter falling from space, its uses unknown, its potential only dreamed of.

The nations of the human race, so long with their fingers on the trigger of mutual destruction, eradicated each other in a firestorm of biblical proportions attempting to take control of these strange minerals falling from the sky. In the end no-one triumphed. There was only death.

But life finds a way. Pockets of survivors sheltered from the fallout. The Governments of Old Earth disappeared but its people remained. Emerging blinking into this forever changed world they carved out a new life, the distant memories and edifices of the past becoming a future for those that remained.

Plant and animal life was also irrevocably altered. The aftermath of the devastation did more than change the landscape. Animals and humans were fused together into mockeries of natural selection. The heady brew of nuclear fission and the alien minerals creating new species. Even stranger was what happened to the plant life. Whole swathes of forest were consumed in the flames but life returned anew. New, strange and alien plants burst forth from the Earth’s blackened crust. Some plants became sentient, and began to walk amongst the humans, often possessing strange and terrible powers.

Human life found a way. A way to survive. A way to rebuild. However the world is not what it was. Much is unexplored. Much is strange. Much is horrifying.

Still one thing has remained the same. A man must have a job to earn a crust… and in this new Earth there is a lot of work to be done.



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